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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

    Here is known. Here is safe. Here is solid. Formed. Elsewhere is fantastical, magical, the place where anything can happen. Here what happens is all that happens. Sometimes the path to elsewhere is seen, known. The door is closed but the door is there, waiting, ready to have a hand spring forth, turn the knob, swing it wide open, and discover a wonderful new land. Here has been discovered. The adventure is over and there is no where to go except elsewhere. Braving perilous shark-infested waters, muddling through murky dreams, and starving in the desert is worth it to find greener grass on the other side. Elsewhere is out there. And it’s worth risking everything for.


    The door is a central symbol in this series, a passageway marking the difference between here and there. One must go through in order to reach the desired “elsewhere.” It must be interacted with, if it’s closed one will never know what’s behind unless they make the decision to turn the knob and find out. Each piece of art depicts a lonely and vibrant dream. There are no figures. Just the viewer, the doors, and the expanse between.

© 2019 Tatiana Malkin